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Bwyellwyr Clwyd Axemen Welcomes You

Committed to Excellence

If you require the axeing team to entertain your audience please get in touch.

Os hoffech ymyno a ni i drio eich dawn o dorri coed cysylltwch ar e-bost neu Ffon.

If You would like to try your hand at wood chopping or sawing please make contact by e-mail, phone or if you are attending a show come and talk to any of the axemen.

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Ychydig amdanom ni:
A brief history about us:

Since being established in 2008, the Clwyd Axemen Team has been entertaining audiences with its demonstrations at shows of all kinds, from Agricultural shows, Carnivals, Flower Shows, to corporate events.

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Bwyellwyr Clwyd Axemen

Clwyd Axemen have earned their positive reputation because we go out of our way to entertain in a fun and educational way.
Axe racing could be hazardous but with hours of training, practice, correct coaching and attention to detail with the equipment and personal safety, Clwyd Axemen reduce the risk to a minimum.

World Class British Title Holder Receives another Royal Welsh Show Award


As a club we have generated world class axemen, British title holders, and encouraged and nurtured axemen and ladies in the skill of wood chopping and cross cut sawing.

Y Pren Syth yn carnifal Dinbych
Standing Block race at Denbigh Carnival


The physical fitness of team member is similar to the Basque woodchopping, the difference being a sharp short burst of energy is required to complete the log chop in the faster time.

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The spring board tree climb event is the most physical, technical and challenging of all the wood chopping events.  This makes it one of our most popular demonstration with the audiences.

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Jack a Jill
Sioe Frenhinol Cymru
Royal Welsh Show

Get in Touch

If you would like Bwyellwyr Clwyd Axemen to attend your show, please contact us on e-mail or by phone.

07889 353 694

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